Wilde USA PLT632 Long Taper Punch, 3/16" x 9"
$ 12.90
All Wilde punches and chisels are forged from high-carbon molybdenum tool steel and individually heat-treated to make them the toughest striking tools on the market.  Wilde punches and chisels are hardened the entire length with a tempered striking end.
Chisel cutting edges are sharpened and re-sharpened to give the keenest points available.  Pin Punches have a reverse taper point which eliminates the punch from sticking in the work-place.
Chisels are designed to be re-sharpened once they become dull.  Care should be taken that excessive heat is not obtained when re-sharpening.  If the grinding temperature is not controlled, the hardness can be taken out of the immediate area.  More importantly, a hard, brittle surface can be set which is very susceptible to fracture.


  • PointSize = 3/16"
  • Length = 9"
  • Stock Size = 1/2"
  • Manufactured & Assembled in Hiawatha, Kansas U.S.A.
  • Individually Heat-Treated