Wilde USA 6 Pc Roll Spring Pin Punch Set, RS906
$ 27.50

All Wilde punches and chisels are individually heat-treated from high carbon molybendenum steel and hardened the entire length with a tempered striking end. The cutting edges are sharpened to give the keenest point available. Pin punches have a reverse taper point which eliminates the punch from sticking in the work place. Wilde Punches and Chisels are designed to be resharpened once they become dull. When looking for quality punches and chisels, professionals look for Wilde.


  • Manufactured & Assembled in Hiawatha, Kansas U.S.A.
  • Individually Heat-Treated
  • High Carbon Molybdenum Steel
  • Fully polished roll pin heads with satin finished handles


  • 1/8” Point, 2” Pin Length, 4” Overall Length
  • 5/32” Point, 2-1/2 Pin Length, 4-1/2 Overall Length
  • 3/16” Point, 2-1/2 Pin Length, 4-1/2 Overall Length
  • 7/32” Point, 3” Pin Length, 5” Overall Length
  • 1/4”Point, 3-1/2 Pin Length, 5-1/2 Overall Length
  • 5/16” Point, 4” Pin Length, 6” Overall Length
  • Vinyl case with heavy duty hanging rivet.